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Zero Framework

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Zero is a middleware framework based on Vert.x and it could help software engineers focus on business requirements instead of technical detail of Vert.x. The original idea of this framework came from Spring Boot as that there is no approximative tools in Vert.x sphere at that time.

Zero has two metaphors, the original name is “Zero Up”, “Up” means that I want to build a system that could be always running up online, “Zero” means no more workload for high production and you can build your own system efficiently with the default configuration only.

The latest Zero Micro Architecture ( Aeon System ) will be deployed to K8S with Istio environment, it’s a future focused method to build mature system with native cloud nature for more enterprise to execute critical valuable business efficiently. And I hope it could act as an important tool for more enterprise to complete digital transformation to satisfy the sustainable development, it could be high efficiently digital middleware in your side!

1. Features

Critical For Beginner: Zero Framework has been re-factor many times, the features are very complex now, you can refer following link for more details to know the power of Zero.

1.1. Structure

Zero Framework ( Latest Version ) contains five major projects as following:

Name Comment
vertx-gaia Zero Core Runtime, it contains minimum zero environment and you can deploy your projects on zero.
vertx-ifx Infix Architecture, Useful plug-ins that could be supported by Zero and you can choose as required.
vertx-import Zero Usage dependency to perform development, it provides uniform entrance for your projects.
vertx-semper Aeon System, The native cloud environment based on K8S with Istio.
vertx-pin Zero Extension Modules, it provides common business features to satisfy many enterprise requirements such as ODOO.

2. Overlook

Here I provide a nother view to let you know Zero Framework, the whole progress is about 80%, please wait for version 1.0 released.

2.1. Modulat

Zero Extension has been designed and re-factor to modulat environment, you can configure the modules as required, here are some standard modules in Zero Extension.

2.2. Topology

The whole Zero Framework ( Aeon Environment ) is as following:

2.3. Schematic

I have published the design schematic diagram of zero to: Zero Architecture, you can refer the interaction graphic online and this working is on going. The main diagram of Zero Booting is as following:

3. Envrionment

3.1. Configuration in pom.xml

If you want to use Zero framework, you can add following dependency into you pom.xml to use Zero:

JDK 8, vert.x 3.9.x


JDK 11+, vert.x 4.x


3.2. Start Up ( Core )

In your project, you can provide main entry only as following to run Zero ( Annotated with @Up ) .

import io.vertx.up.VertxApplication;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Up;

public class Driver {

    public static void main(final String[] args) {;

Once the Zero is up, you can see following logs in your console ( The default port is 6083 ):

[ ZERO ] ZeroHttpAgent Http Server has been started successfully. \

3.3. Start Up ( Native Cloud )

When you want to enable Aeon System, you can switch the code as following:

import io.vertx.aeon.AeonApplication;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Up;

public class Driver {
    public static void main(final String[] args) {;

4. Tips

4.1. Data Specification

In zero framework, we designed uniform data specification as following response data format for business usage:


After 0.5.2, it could support freedom data format response as you wanted such as:

Hello World

If you want to switch to freedom mode, you can set the configuration in vertx.yml file:

  freedom: true     # The default value of `freedom` is false.

4.2. Logging in Zero

You can use following function in your coding to get Logger component instead of log4j because we have re-designed the detail implementation of logging system.

// Zero Logger initialized, connect to vert.x logging system directly 
// but uniform managed by zero.

import io.vertx.up.log.Annal;

// Then in your class
public final class Statute {

    private static final Annal LOGGER = Annal.get(Statute.class);

4.3. Oracle Issue

From 0.8.0, if you want to use Zero Extension of Dynamic Modeling, you need the project of The latest version is 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT, you can modify the version and rebuild it. This feature is not needed in Core Framework.

Above issue has been fixed in 0.8.1.

5. Other Information

5.1. Cases List

Because of Contract and Confidentiality Agreement, removed Sensitive information of customer include system name, customer name etc.

System Information Zero Version Type System Status
TLK Video Mobile System 0.4.6 Commercial Deprecated
CMDB Platform of Bank Latest Commercial Running
ITSM/ITIL Platform of Bank Latest Commercial Running
Integration of Bank Latest Commercial Running
Zero Training Demo Latest Internal Running
Data Analyzing Exam Latest Internal Running
Commercial Opportunity Management Latest Internal Running
Hotel Management Platform Latest Commercial In Progress
ISO27000 Management Platform Latest Commercial In Progress
IoT Control System Latest Commercial In Progress
Medical Workflow Management Latest Commercial In Progress
Aeon Development Platform Latest Internal In Progress

5.2. WeChat Group

You can send request to me: 445191171 to contact with the author team of zero.