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1.Read Me

1.1. Rules for Reading

There are some categories of each document for flag:

2.Document List

2.1. Core

Parent Module Module Links
vertx-gaia vertx-co Core Library
  vertx-tp Third Part Integration
  vertx-up Web Container
  vertx-rx Reactive Style
  vertx-micro Micro Service

2.2. Infix

Different plugins for Tech.

Parent Module Module Links
vertx-ifx zero-ifx-es Elastic Search
  zero-ifx-excel Excel Plugin
  zero-ifx-feign Feign Plugin
  zero-ifx-history Trash Service Archive
  zero-ifx-iqiy AiQiyi Plugin
  zero-ifx-mongo Mongo Database
  zero-ifx-native Vert.x Native Clients
  zero-ifx-neo4j Neo4j Database
  zero-ifx-qiniu QiNiu Cloud Storage
  zero-ifx-redis Redis Plugin
  zero-ifx-sms Ali Mobile Sms Service

2.3. Extension

Parent Module Module Links
vertx-pin zero-ambient Ambient Environment
  zero-atom Atom Dynamic Modeling
  zero-crud Crud Module
  zero-erp Organization Resources
  zero-graphic Graphic Engine
  zero-jet Dynamic Routing
  zero-ke Extension Core
  zero-lbs Location Based Service
  zero-quiz Quiz Testing Framework
  zero-rbac Rbac Module
  zero-router Micro Api Gateway
  zero-ui (UI) User Interface

3. Summary