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D10009 - JSR311, @CookieParam…Parameters

This example is a little complex to test, here we need to see the cookie value in your client tool first.

Demo projects:

1. Source Code

package up.god.micro.params;

import io.vertx.up.annotations.EndPoint;


public class CookieParamExecutor {

    public String sayCookie(
            @CookieParam("cookie-id") final String cookie
    ) {
        return "Hello, Cookie: " + cookie;

2. Console

Then you should see the logs in console as following:

[ ZERO ] ( 1 Event ) The endpoint up.god.micro.params.CookieParamExecutor scanned 1 events of Event, \
    will be mounted to routing system.
[ ZERO ] ( Uri Register ) "/api/param/cookie" has been deployed by ZeroHttpAgent, Options = Route...

3. Testing

URI: http://localhost:6083/api/param/cookie

Method:** **GET

Cookie: cookie-id=lang.yu-zero; path=/; domain=localhost; Expires=Tue, 19 Jan 2038 03:14:07 GMT;


    "data": "Hello, Cookie: lang.yu-zero"

4. Summary

Here you can get cookie data from http request, please be sure you have set the cookies in your request. For postman tools, you can set here: