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D10019 - Non-Blocking, Mode 2 Ping Mode

This mode is simpler than Mode 1 Sync Mode, but we could use this mode to check some remote status such as following requirement:

The response of this mode will be true or false only.

1. Introduction

This mode is also another non-event bus mode, it could be finished by agent ( @EndPoint ) only, the workflow should be as following:

This mode workflow is the same as Sync Mode except the response data, It could be used in some special requirement only. In this mode zero system tell the client whether the working is correct or wrong and won’t provide any data in web response.

There is no consumer role in this workflow, but sender instead:

Request -> Agent -> @EndPoint ( Sender ) -> Response ( true/false )

Demo projects:

2. Source Code

package up.god.micro.request;

import io.vertx.up.annotations.EndPoint;


public class PingModeActor {

    public void check() {
        System.out.println("Hello, I'm working well.");

    public boolean checkStatus() {
        System.out.println("Hello, I'm working well and return false.");
        return false;

Programming Rules

  1. The sender class should be annotated with io.vertx.up.annotations.EndPoint.
  2. Other annotations all belong to JSR311, you should set one http method annotation to java method.
  3. The java method return type must be voidor boolean , it’s the only difference from Sync Mode.
  4. Do not use @Address annotation, this mode should disable event bus.

3. Console

[ ZERO ] ( 2 Event ) The endpoint up.god.micro.request.PingModeActor scanned 2 events of Event, \
    will be mounted to routing system.
[ ZERO ] ( Uri Register ) "/api/request/ping" has been deployed by ZeroHttpAgent, Options = Route...
[ ZERO ] ( Uri Register ) "/api/request/ping-false" has been deployed by ZeroHttpAgent, Options = Route...

4. Testing

4.1. Ping Request

URL : http://localhost:6083/api/request/ping

Method : GET

Response :

    "data": true

4.2. Ping false Request

URL : http://localhost:6083/api/request/ping-false

Method : GET

Response :

    "data": false

5. Summary

In current version of zero, this mode only support two response value: true/false, if you want to get more information from remote zero system, you should use Sync Mode instead.