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D10069 - Configuration, vertx-server.yml

server in lime node is extend by default, if your did not provide vertx-server.yml, zero system will use the default configuration as following:

- name: zero-ws
  type: http
    port: 6083

1. name

The name node described the service name in current zero instance, this instance will be mapped to prefix of configuration path as following:

Here you could see the key column, the prefix up-hecate, up-hyperion, up-lapetus is the name of current configuration. In micro mode, we recommended you to set the name of each node, when the node use vert.x cluster, each name could contain different suffix of host:port configuration information.

2. type

Here the type described supported servers in zero system, current version it supports following values:

Each zero instance support one instance of each type, if you defined new http server, your configuration will overwrite the default.

3. config

This config node contains the options of each server type, the option will be mapped to native vert.x class: io.vertx.core.http.HttpServerOptions , when you set each server type, the port and host keys are ** required** under config node.

4. Summary

This chapter we focus on vertx-server.yml to set configuration of each zero instance, you should know how to configure the server in zero.