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D10070 - Configuration, vertx-inject.yml

This configuration up.god.file provide extension system especially for vert.x native components. The default content is as following:

logger: io.vertx.up.log.internal.Log4JAnnal

It’s the only one component that enabled by default, you can replace this component by yourself when you want to use ELK or other logger. This chapter we’ll focus on frequently used injection component so that you could know how to set the configuration in zero system.

The data format of vertx-inject.yml is simple and it’s key: value format.

1. Infixes

1.1. jooq

If you want to use Jooq extension, you can add following:


1.2. mongo


1.3. mysql

mysql: io.vertx.up.plugin.jdbc.MySqlInfix

1.4. rpc

When you set zero micro system, following rpc injection is required for service communication


4. Summary

Current zero system support above four standard infixes only, all above infixed should be enabled by yourself when you want to use it, it’s related to different business requirements, zero system does not enable these features automatically. For some detail usage we’ll introduce in further tutorials.