D10073 - Configuration, vertx-mongo.yml

Another native client that zero system supported is MongoClient in vert.x, Reference. You can read current tutorials to check the details about how to configure mongo client in zero system.

1. Configuration

1.1. vertx.yml

Be sure the extension up.god.file name existing in lime node in the major configuration

  lime: mongo
    - name: vx-zero
        # Fix block 2000 limit issue.
        maxEventLoopExecuteTime: 30000000000

1.2. vertx-inject.yml

mongo: io.vertx.tp.plugin.mongo.MongoInfix

1.3. vertx-mongo.yml

  db_name: ZERO_MESH
  port: 6017
  connection_string: mongodb://localhost:6017

Just like vertx-mysql.yml configuration, here all the mongo node keys are native supported by vert.x, you can provide all the native configuration keys here for mongo db, please refer http://vertx.io/docs/vertx-mongo-client/java/#_configuring_the_client.

2. Summary

Here are the mongo db standalone configuration part and in forward tutorials we’ll introduce the client usage in zero system.