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D10074 - Configuration, vertx-etcd3.yml

When zero system is running in micro service mode, you should configure Registry Center ( Etcd3 in zero ), you can refer current tutorials to check etcd3 configuration.

For etcd3 configuration, you can refer following three links

Above three etcd github address could help you to build etcd environment, we’ll introduce some more details in forward tutorials as well, this chapter we focus on zero etcd configuration only.

Etcd configuration is enabled in micro service only.

1. Configuration

1.1. vertx.yml

  lime: etcd3
    - name: vx-zero
        # Fix block 2000 limit issue.
        maxEventLoopExecuteTime: 30000000000

1.2. vertx-etcd3.yml

Because etcd3 act as Service Registry Center only and it’s invisible to developers, there is no Infix to let you to visit etcd directly, the second part of etcd3 configuration is as following:

  micro: zero-istio
  - host: localhost
    port: 6181
  - host: localhost
    port: 6180
  - host: localhost
    port: 6179
  timeout: 2

Above configuration described etcd client configuration, there are three nodes 6181, 6180, 6179, you can configure these information by yourself. Once thing you should be careful is the micro key, it’s the micro-service cluster name, it looks like a configuration root for all your micro services, be sure all the micro services that belong to one Application connect to the same micro etcd. Different micro in zero could not share the resources.

As above screen shot show, zero-istio is running more than one micro services, but it’s completed an application, for other projects or other application such as zero-hotel, they may still run zero micro services or other applications. All the zero micro services that belong to zero-istio configuration have been put under the path /zero/zero-istio in etcd.

2. Summary

Above all are the configuration part of etcd in micro service mode, once you have configure this part, the micro service mode will be enabled. zero system detected your application by lime to check whether you enabled etcd configuration.

As we known, the same roles of etcd could be implemented by zookeeper, consul , but zero system will run inner k8s and istio, k8s used etcd as default, we have bind this component with k8s for future usage.