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D10080 - Reference, Istio

Quick Start

Demo example will be install istio to ~/Tool/Zero/

1. Environment Preparing

1 - Install and download istio

curl -L | sh -
...... # Wait for ISO up.god.file downloading finished.

2 - Set Up environment.

Add /Users/lang/Tool/Zero/istio-0.2.12/bin to your path; \
    e.g copy paste in your shell and/or ~/.profile:
export PATH="$PATH:/Users/lang/Tool/Zero/istio-0.2.12/bin"
# Then be sure the command "istioctl" could be used. ( Latest 0.2.12 )
istioctl version
Version: 0.2.12
GitRevision: 998e0e00d375688bcb2af042fc81a60ce5264009
GitBranch: release-0.2
User: releng@0d29a2c0d15f
GolangVersion: go1.8

3 - Install “istio” on local k8s

>> cd istio-0.2.12

>> pwd

>> kubectl get svc -n istio-system
No resources found.

>> kubectl apply -f install/kubernetes/istio.yaml ( None TLS mode )
namespace "istio-system" created
...... ( All the progress logs will be output )
deployment "istio-ca" created

4 - Ensure the four services: istio-pilot, istio-mixer, istio-ingress, istio-egress

>> kubectl get svc -n istio-system
NAME            TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       ......
istio-egress    ClusterIP     ......
istio-ingress   LoadBalancer   ......
istio-mixer     ClusterIP    ......
istio-pilot     ClusterIP  ......
>> kubectl get pods -n istio-system
istio-ca-5cd46b967c-kmx58        1/1       Running   0          4m
istio-egress-56c4d999bc-dv8md    1/1       Running   0          4m
istio-ingress-5747bb855f-n74sz   1/1       Running   0          4m
istio-mixer-77487797f6-d5ns9     2/2       Running   0          4m
istio-pilot-86ddcb7ff5-cmcr5     1/1       Running   0          4m

2. Summary

Then when you see above output, you can select isito-system namespace in the dashboard to check the result:

When you see above screen shot it means that the istio has been run in mini k8s environment.