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D10088 - Micro Stream, Sender ( Agent ) to Terminator

From this chapter we’ll focus on rpc stream mode, this mode we’ll meet different role ( method ) such as Originator, Coordinator, Terminator etc.

1. Services

Demo Projects and environment

Http Port Ipc Port Ipc Service Name Project Role
6100 up-athena Api Gateway
6301 6311 ipc-epimetheus up-epimetheus Originator
6501 6511 ipc-hecate up-hecate Terminator

2. Source Code

We have introduced interface style to ignore Actor, it’s disabled in rpc communication, it means that if you send rpc request from Sender ( Agent ), you could not send the message to internal Consumer ( Worker ), the interface style is used in communication between Sender and Consumer.

2.1. SimpleApi ( service: up-epimetheus )

package up.god.micro.agent;

import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.EndPoint;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Ipc;


public interface SimpleApi {

    @Ipc(to = "RPC://IPC/NODE/AGENT1", name = "ipc-hecate")
    JsonObject saySimple(@PathParam("name") String name);

2.2. SimpleActor ( service: up-epimetheus )

package up.god.micro.agent;

import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;

public class SimpleActor implements SimpleApi {
    public JsonObject saySimple(final String name) {
        return new JsonObject()
                .put("name", name)
                .put("originator", "ipc-epimetheus");

2.3. SimpleInsider ( service: up-hecate )

package up.god.ipc;

import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Ipc;
import io.vertx.up.commune.Envelop;

public class SimpleInsider {

    public JsonObject saySimple(final Envelop envelop) {
        final JsonObject data =;
        return data.put("terminator", "ipc-hecate");

3. Testing

Once you started above three services, you can test this service as following:

URL : http://localhost:6100/api/ipc/stream/agent1/huan

Method : GET

Response :

    "data": {
        "name": "huan",
        "originator": "ipc-epimetheus",
        "terminator": "ipc-hecate"

4. Summary

From above testing you could see that rpc between Originator and Terminator has been communicated successfully, it’s very simple demo to show two roles communication between two roles.