D10091 - Micro Stream, Consumer Async Mode to Terminator

This chapter we’ll introduce consumer of async mode to send request to rpc Terminator.

1. Service

Demo Projects and environment

Http Port Ipc Port Ipc Service Name Project Role
6100 up-athena Api Gateway
6301 6311 ipc-epimetheus up-epimetheus Originator
6501 6511 ipc-hecate up-hecate Terminator

2. Source Code

2.1. AsyncApi ( service: up-epimetheus )

package up.god.micro.worker;

import io.vertx.up.annotations.Address;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.EndPoint;

import javax.ws.rs.GET;
import javax.ws.rs.Path;
import javax.ws.rs.PathParam;

public interface AsyncApi {

    String sayEnvelop(@PathParam("name") String name);

2.2. AsyncWorker ( service: up-epimetheus )

package up.god.micro.worker;

import io.vertx.core.Future;
import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Address;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Ipc;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Queue;

public class AsyncWorker {

    @Ipc(to = "RPC://IPC/NODE/ASYNC1", name = "ipc-hecate")
    public Future<JsonObject> sayAsync(final JsonObject params) {
        final String name = params.getString("0");
        return Future.succeededFuture(new JsonObject()
                .put("name", name)
                .put("originator", "ipc-epimetheus"));

2.3. AsyncInsider ( service: up-hecate )

package up.god.ipc;

import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;
import io.vertx.up.annotations.Ipc;
import io.vertx.up.commune.Envelop;

public class AsyncInsider {

    public JsonObject sayAsync1(final Envelop envelop) {
        final JsonObject data = envelop.data();
        return data.put("terminator", "ipc-hecate")
                .put("type", "async");

3. Testing

Then after you started above three services, you can test this demo:

URL : http://localhost:6100/api/ipc/stream/async1/huan1

Method : GET

Response :

    "data": {
        "name": "huan1",
        "originator": "ipc-epimetheus",
        "terminator": "ipc-hecate",
        "type": "async"

4. Summary

In this demo, the consumer method signature is as following:

public Future<JsonObject> sayAsync(final JsonObject params)