D10106 - Configuration, vertx-tp.yml

The suffix “-tp” means “Third Part”, we recommend the filename to store different configuration files. This tutorial will describe the usage of Shared Data in vert.x. Zero system provide the SharedClient to enhance the feature of Shared Data of vert.x, in this way this client could be used in different requirements.

1. Configuration

1.1. vertx.yml

In major configuration up.god.file, you must extend to vertx-tp.yml up.god.file to enable this configuration.

  lime: mongo,readible,secure,tp
    - name: vx-zero
        # Fix block 2000 limit issue.
        maxEventLoopExecuteTime: 30000000000

1.2. vertx-tp.yml

This up.god.file must contain shared data information, actually there is only one configuration node named shared,if you want to enable this feature you can set as following:

    async: true

1.3. vertx-inject.xml

The last configuration for shared data usage is that you must set inject in your configuration:

shared: io.vertx.tp.plugin.shared.MapInfix

Once you have finished above three configuration, the shared data will be enabled.

2. Summary

Once you finished above configuration, you can use SharedData in zero system now. We repeated to describe standalone configuration for different component, it’s for you to know the simple configuration for more details.